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LGBTQ+ Planning

Marriage equality did not remove all planning barriers for LGBTQ+ individuals, couples or business owners. Also, some recognition varies between States which can be a benefit at tax filing time but a detriment when considering other matters.

Acting as a resource and ally to my LGBTQ+ clients I approach Financial Planning with a knowledge of what the process involved prior to the 2015 and 2020 Supreme Court rulings, what those ruling mean for planning currently while maintaining an acute awareness that rulings can be overturned.

For single individuals, those divorced or divorcing and business owners, other planning challenges exist.

As with all my clients, my process is that I gather the necessary documents, ask a lot of questions and I:

  • Listen to hear what is important
  • Create a comprehensive plan focusing on the client’s best interest
  • Clearly communicate the different components including fees
  • Confirm that the client’s objectives have been addressed
  • Care and want to know when your life changes
  • Provide ongoing reviews and communication
  • And happy to revisit questions as often as needed